Enhance Your Online Psychic Reading by Creating the Perfect Atmosphere

Having a psychic reading online certainly has some benefits over an in-person consultation. It's an incredibly convenient way to get some insight and spiritual advice on your present and future life, and you can relax more as you're in familiar surroundings.

Those familiar surroundings can affect the experience to a certain extent, however. Although it's nice to be comfortable and in your own home, a lot of people like the atmosphere associated with visiting a psychic in person. Before you start your online session with a psychic, take some time to set the mood and you'll be in the perfect mindset.

Set the lighting just right

Bright light can detract from your relaxation and stop you getting in the mood for a psychic reading. Dim the lights to create a more atmospheric feel, and close the curtains if it's daytime.

Candles are a nice way to provide some low light and foster a relaxing feeling, so light a few of them around the room if you like. Since you'll be using the computer, however, make sure you have enough light to see clearly without straining your eyes.

Use incense or scented oils

Smells are highly effective at changing the way a room feels. Lighting some incense or heating an essential oil in a burner are two good ways to use this to your advantage. You could also burn scented candles as an alternative.

The earthy tones of sandalwood and patchouli are commonly thought to be relaxing, which will make you more calm and open during your reading. If you prefer floral aromas, jasmine is another relaxing scent, while bergamot or lemongrass are good choices for something more light and refreshing.

Get rid of distractions

It's important to give the psychic all of your attention so they can provide an accurate, in-depth reading. Eliminate distractions by keeping the TV switched off and removing clutter from around your computer.

By keeping things clear, you also enhance the effect of your low lighting and carefully-selected scents.

Block out unwelcome noise

Feeling like you're in a special, peaceful place depends heavily on the absence of irritating noises. Do what you can to minimise any outside sounds and keep your home quiet.

That's not always an easy thing to do if you live in an urban area, unfortunately. If there's still distracting noise despite your best efforts, putting on some quiet music in the background can really help. Be careful to keep the volume at a level where you can hear the psychic clearly if you're having a video reading, and choose something ambient without vocals so it doesn't take your mind off your reading.

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